Preparing for April / May shoot

Bait sheds taking a break after the busy fishing season.

Hey, Susan here!

I hope you’re having a terrific day! I thought I’d check in to the website and say hi. As you can imagine, our Still The Water group has been pretty busy getting things ready for our April / May shoot. I can remember sitting around watching TV when I was a kid, watching the end credits roll over some sitcom my brother, Joe, and I were watching, and asking him what a producer does. I can honestly say now that I know far too well – I much prefer the creative aspects of filmmaking! Although I have to admit that there is a certain adrenaline rush that comes with producing – it’s just a different kind of rush, that’s all. More…hmmm…business focused.

The creative side, writing and directing, sparks childlike joy in me. I love the thrill of researching a story, of bringing characters to life and finding interesting ways to let them interact, and to get their thoughts and emotions out in unexpected ways. As a novelist, I can only take this so far. What’s most exciting about film is that all of a sudden I’m not alone in my creative journey. Suddenly there’s a whole team floating around bringing my story to light and adding a visual dimension that words on a page simply cannot do.

Part of this new team is actors. As Keri mentioned in an earlier blog note, I’ve done some auditioning for Still The Water, and now there is a whole new dimension to the story. The characters I created during the writing process are even more 3D now that I can associate actual people with them. Amalgamating fictional characters who I’ve gotten to know so well that they feel real, with actual people who will step into those shoes and bring the characters to life, is a cool process. It’s a thrill, and quite an honour to have the actors’ trust in my ability to tell a good story.

We hope to be able to officially sign our cast real soon, and trumpet their involvement here and on our other social media pages. We’re in a holding pattern while we await final news that will allow us to go ahead and firmly select our start dates and hire our crew. I suppose that’s the part of producing I love the least – the waiting part. But it’s a part of every film project and so it is what it is!

In the meantime, I’ve been working out shots and travelling to locations like this one –Harbour.JPGand getting super excited over the music we’ve been carefully selecting for certain scenes (wow, is all I can say to the music. Some filmmakers believe movies should be sparse in terms of music – I’m the opposite. I believe music adds depth and emotion, and so it complements the story. This film will have music).

Well, I hope you enjoy taking this journey with us. All of us at Mighty Ocean Film Inc. are super excited that you’re along for the ride. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and send us some good karma so that all goes well with our shoot. Soon we’ll be able to share our very own (and very special) Prince Edward Island feature film with you.

Take care!



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