Mental Health and Film

You know, with all this talk about mental health and anxiety these last few days, it’s a reminder to ensure that this busy, exhilarating time putting Still The Water together is as balanced as possible.

I know my limits and there are days when I reach those limits. This film is an all-encompassing project – I would say the largest I have ever tackled although I once put an historic house museum together – collection, interpretation, exhibits, programming, you name it – in less than a year, and then I went on to shoot my first film, a half hour period drama, as a full time employee of that museum and as a single mom. What saved me then was the support of wonderful friends and staff.

Then I wrote eighteen books in five years and shot and edited some client projects and took on contracts as well during that time. So as the anxiety occasionally grabs hold on STW, I can say that I have learned from the past and I now know my absolute limits. I am more balanced now, and my son is grown and living in beautiful Vancouver. My cat misses me, but hey, c’est la vie. He’ll be okay!

I think the biggest challenge will be to watch out for those on the STW production team. A few of you have been putting in looong hours and late nights (you know who you are!) and I wanna make sure all of us take time for rest and self care as we bring this beautiful film to life.

Let’s all watch out for each other. We got this!!!🎥🎬😊

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