Little ole STW update

Fishing Boats

Just thought we’d touch base and let you know what’s happening in the Still The Water camp. We’re off and running and very, very busy working to make our movie happen. Last week, Susan and production manager Joady  had the great pleasure of attending the PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp to take a course on Production Management from talented, experienced, and fun Deb Patz, author of not one but two books on production management. Joady and Susan are confident they can produce our feature film without issue, but it made sense to take advantage of Deb’s presence on the island and boy, were they glad they went! Deb is probably the most organized person on the planet, and she provided lots of tips on the reams of paperwork a production can use to help stay completely organized. Our fave tip? Mark off a square on your desk with masking tape, and put the day’s most pressing issues inside it on colourful post-it notes. Doesn’t sound like a huge tip, but as the production gets busier, we’ll all be lucky to find our desks, period. Lol!


On June 9th Susan is going to the Banff World Media Festival to scout around and pitch all of Mighty Ocean’s projects. Still The Water is the biggest priority at the moment so it’ll get top billing. Should be interesting as Banff is a big conference with some amazing speakers. We are hearing through the grapevine that Chrissy Metz of This Is Us is going to be there, amongst other celebs, so it should be a fun and interesting and hopefully very successful event.

On the horizon – Banff

Well, that’s the big news, other than that we are just busy little worker bees who are gonna make a big splash with our very special movie.

Have a wonderful day!

– the Still The Water team


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