Thank you to the cast and crew who helped make our proof of concept teaser!

We cannot thank all of you enough for your generosity of time and spirit…our little teaser is very powerful, and we couldn’t have done it without you.


Shout out to:


Colin Price

Pat MacLellan

Marli Trecarti

Sherri Lee Darrach

Aaron Sudsbury

Autumn MacDonald

George Woods

Bryan Maynard

Brian Matthie

Chris Wall

Marc Morrison

Jamie Meek

Todd MacLean

And thank you to the background cast, especially our beloved PEI hockey players, who inspired the story in the first place!



Producer          Rick Gibbs

Producer          Nicolle Morrison

Producer / Director  / Writer         Susan Rodgers

Production Manager           Joady Walton

Production Coordinator     Edith Cole

1st AD              Mark Fraser

2nd AD            Joady Walton

Director of Photography                Christopher Ball

1stCamera       Jonny Sark

Editor               Lloyd MacDonald

Colourist         Craig Harris

Set Dec / Props         Karen Sudsbury

Wardrobe      Donna Gorrill  / Lu Clark / Billie-Jane Buell

Craft                Edith Cole / Nancy Dupuis

Sound              James Carrier

Grips               Alex Reid / Stephen Reaman

Wharf Tech Extraordinaire         Chris Wall

Driver           Afan Zheng

TAD                Keelin Fremlin

PA                   Knowlton Parkman


Slemon Park Ice Plex  – Scott Bridges

Uncle Mike’s Bar  & Grill – Mike Perry

Nicky’s House – Susan and Victor Diaz

Abby’s House –  Beverly Ingram

Slemon Park – David Anderson

Malpeque Wharf – Chris Wall and our amazing Malpeque fishermen

And let’s not forget – 

Bathroom Use – Joy Melanson / Scott and Hollye O’Neil of O’Neil’s Cafe in Malpeque


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