Happy 2020!


Well, Still The Water has reached picture lock status and is officially in the final stages of post-production. Doug Woods of Halifax’s 902 Post is doing the colour, titles, end credits, and all that fun stuff, while Allan Scarth and his truly talented team of dialogue and foley guys are working hard to create a masterful soundscape.

Some days it’s hard to believe we’ve made it this far – 2019 was an incredible year. We are the first to admit that there’s been lots to learn along the way, but us Mighty Ocean Film folks are mighty determined people! My personal mantra for 2020 came from Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield’s book. He said that the astronauts are so well trained that they don’t panic when a new challenge pops up. They simply ‘Work The Problem’ from the ground up, one step at a time until they’ve got it solved. I think it’s a great way to tackle challenges. On this new frontier that is feature filmmaking for us MOFI-ites, challenges range from corporate admin stuff to distribution to raising money to how to handle PR to, well, just about everything. I’m incredibly proud of how far we’ve come, much of it based on sheer determination and faith, and I know in my heart that this is just the beginning.

We may not have made an Oscar-winning film (this time, mwah-ha-ha) but we know that each film we produce will be better than the last. In the meantime, Still The Water is a real little Prince Edward Island gem, and regardless of what others think, I am beyond thrilled. We got past our challenges one at a time, and we still laugh like happy children when we get together. I am surrounded by the kindest, most gentle, most giving people on the planet. What more could a gal ask for? Toss a lifelong dream in there, and suddenly the sky is filled with glitter the universe is sprinkling down on us in celebration!

Here’s a grateful ‘so-long’ to the magical year that was 2019, and a rambunctious ‘yahoo’ to a strong and dynamic beginning to 2020!

Happy 2020!


(By the way, our third offering is open for islanders who would like some generous tax credits as well as ownership in Still The Water – just email info@stillthewatermovie.com for more information!)



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