Susan Rodgers

imageSusan’s journey into writing started with a box of wartime letters discovered in the attic of the historic house where she worked, which launched her first half-hour screenplay and filmed drama, Bobby’s Peace, which sold to CBC and Bravo. When a period television series, Emily of New Moon, came to town, Susan had to become involved. She started as a stand-in and double before joining the wardrobe department to help monitor on-set continuity.

Eventually the call to try storytelling in film was so strong she had no choice but to pack herself and her son, Christopher, into a tiny Pontiac Sunfire and drive across Canada to Vancouver, where she studied film at Vancouver Film School. A number of projects resulted, including the web series A Time To Drum, period short film Dreamers, short comedy (just for practice) The New Neighbours, music video for Christopher’s haunting song Silence, Bloodhound (YouTube), and many client documentary-style films.

Susan has written a number of screenplays and studied under many instructors, including Ken Chubb, Donald Martin, Sharon Buckingham, and Bill Boyle. She recently journeyed into writing novels. Susan’s books have been defined as a cross between the genres of women’s fiction and romance. Susan’s first series, Drifters, numbers fifteen books. The spinoff Dallas White series is just getting started – Castles In The Sand and Like A Song will soon be followed by a third novel. Susan was a Finalist in the 2011 Atlantic Writing Awards for her as yet unpublished first novel, A Certain Kind of Freedom. A critically acclaimed excerpt has been reworked as a short story and featured in an anthology produced by Israel website The Writers’ Drawer. Susan also recently completed her first Feature Documentary film, The Healing Place.