Susan Rodgers

Susan’s journey into writing started with a box of wartime letters discovered in the attic of the historic house where she worked, which launched her first half hour screenplay and filmed drama, Bobby’s Peace, which sold to CBC and Bravo. When a period television series, Emily of New Moon, came to town, Susan had to become involved. She started as a stand-in and double before joining the wardrobe department to help monitor on-set continuity.

Eventually the call to try storytelling in film was so strong she had no choice but to pack herself and her son, Christopher, into a tiny Pontiac Sunfire and drive across Canada to Vancouver, where she studied film at Vancouver Film School. A number of projects resulted, including the web series A Time To Drum, period short film Dreamers, short comedy The New Neighbours, music video for Christopher’s haunting song Silence, Bloodhound (YouTube), and many client documentary-style films.

Susan has written a number of screenplays and studied under many instructors, including Ken Chubb, Donald Martin, Sharon Buckingham, and Bill Boyle. She recently journeyed into writing novels. Susan’s books have been defined as a cross between the genres of women’s fiction and romance. Susan’s first series Drifters has a total of fifteen books. The spinoff Dallas series started with Castles In The Sand and a second book Like A Song is being released soon. Susan was a Finalist in the 2011 Atlantic Writing Awards for her as yet unpublished first novel, A Certain Kind of Freedom. A critically acclaimed excerpt has been reworked as a short story and featured in an anthology produced by Israel website The Writers’ Drawer. Susan also recently completed her first Feature Documentary film, The Healing Place. Plans to produce Still The Water, a Feature Drama set entirely on P.E.I., are well underway.